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2021 Competition Rules

All parts with identification numbers removed or covered will be considered illegal. It is ultimately the obligation of each participant to insure that his or her conduct and equipment comply with all applicable “The New Stockton 99 Speedway” rules and regulations. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

Track Officials interpretations shall supersede any and all other interpretations. When there is no specific rule to govern the occasion, the Official’s ruling shall be final. In order to assure fair competition, any Official may require a competitor to change or modify equipment, or may require a competitor to compete in the next higher division. All equipment is subject to the approval of Track Officials. The rules as set forth on the following pages are intended to be as cost effective as possible. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection. Any equipment which does not conform to the specifications or tolerances contained in “The New Stockton 99 Speedway” rulebook will not be eligible for approval during the 2021 racing season. All cars may be weight factored at anytime to equalize the competition.

You must be 14 years of age. All drivers, owners, and mechanics must be registered members of Stockton 99 Speedway and in good standing. The charger or learner’s permit license is the appropriate license for the Stockton Late Model Division.

1. Open to all pre-2021 American made passenger cars with a stock 105” minimum wheelbase.

1. Full roles cages designed for the safety of the driver in case of a rollover or side impact.
2. Uni-body cars must have minimum of 6” x 6” x 1/4” plate on top and bottom of floor with a minimum of four 1/2” bolts.
3. Round steel tubing 1-3/4” X 0.095” minimum shall be used for the roll cage (no galvanized or black pipe).
4. The driver’s head must have a minimum 2” clearance from the bottom of the halo.
5. The driver’s side cage must include 4 door bars; 24” X 36” X 1/8” thick plate (steel or aluminum) bolted or welded to outside of door bars is mandatory.
6. The passenger side must have a minimum 4 bars with an “X” for reinforcement.
7. All cars must have a rear fuel cell loop.

1. Windshields must be Lexan or safety screen only. Two metal straps, minimum 1/8” thick by 1” wide shall secure windshield mounted in such a manner inside as to prevent entry of a tire into driver’s compartment.
2. A steel firewall, minimum 22 ga. steel between driver’s compartment and fuel cell is mandatory.
3. A maximum of two mirrors of any kind allowed.
4. Aftermarket bodies, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass allowed.
5. Spoilers: Rear spoilers, no taller than 6”. Side deflectors, maximum 18” long. Must taper from 6” to 0”; no sharp edges or protruding parts allowed.
6. Tubular bumpers may be used.

1. Tube frame allowed, 2x3 095 OEM steering assembly only. Lower control arms located in stock position.
2. Aftermarket coil springs may be used.
3. Weight jacks or spring adjusters are allowed.
4. Front spindles, rotors and single piston calipers must be steel.
5. After market steel upper and lower control arms allowed. HEIMS must be steel, cross shaft may be aluminum.
6. Screw-in ball joints allowed.
7. Steering must be stock and OEM location only.
8. Steering column must have a 3” collapsible section and may be replaced with steering shaft and HEIMS.
9. Rear disc brakes are permitted. Single piston calipers and rotors must be steel.
10. Lowering blocks, aftermarket shackles and slider boxes allowed.
11. Steel adjustable trailing arms must be 1” outside diameter by 36” maximum length. Steel heim joints only. Spring loaded or cushioning components are not allowed.
12. Adjustable panhard bar allowed.
13. Aftermarket brake pedal assemblies and master cylinders are allowed. Brake bias and inline proportioning valves allowed.
14. One shock absorber per wheel is allowed in any location.
15. Maximum shock price $250, nationally advertised retail, (no Ebay, etc.).
16. CLAIM RULE: A $250 claim per shock can be made to buy another competitor’s shock. No shocks can be claimed prior to the main event.

1. Engine must be no further than number 1 spark plug on the short side of the block at the ball joint.
2. Factory-sealed 602 crate motors, will weigh 2800 lbs with driver.
3. Factory-sealed 604 crate motors will weigh 2900 lbs. with driver.
4. Tampering with Crate motors and/or heads shall result in loss of, but not limited to, accumulated points, prize monies, and suspension, at the sole discretion of the Chief Steward.
5. All other motors will weigh 3050 lbs. with driver (wet sump only)
6. No anti-freeze or coolants allowed.
7. Additional weight may be added at Official’s discretion.

1. Lead weights must be in block form and bolted in a safe manner, per Official’s approval. Added weight must also be painted white and clearly marked with car’s number. No block will be less than 5 lbs. Violation of this rule will result in penalties at the sole discretion of the Chief Steward.
2. At the discretion of the Officials, added weight may be required and must be supplied by owner or driver of the vehicle.
3. Maximum 58% left side weight.
4. All at Official’s discretion.

1. All competing cars will not exceed 79” track width. This will be measured at spindle height from the bulge of the outside of tires.
2. No wheel will be greater than 15” X 8”.
3. Wheels must be steel.
4. You must have 5/8” or larger wheel studs. Five studs per wheel is required.
5. Tires are required to be 970 Hoosiers only.
6. All tires must be purchased from Stockton 99 Speedway.

1. All production automatics allowed. May use coupler.
2. Transmission cooler cannot be located in driver’s compartment.
3. Standard transmissions, such as Munci or Saginaw, clutch assembly 5.5” or larger.
4. Must have full blow proof bell housing.
5. Hydraulic throw-out bearings and slave cylinders permitted.
6. Must have Reverse.

1. The drive shaft must be steel and painted white.
2. Must have two safety hoops made of at least 1/4” X 2” steel strap 6” from front and rear of u-joints.

1. Locker type or torque sensing are allowed.
2. Floater and quick change rear-end housing allowed.
3. Coil over eliminators allowed, 5” minimum diameter spring.
4. No coil overs allowed.

1. Must have a standard gauge legal 4412. No 4412 HP or XP series allowed.
2. May remove choke plate.
3. A maximum 1” carburetor spacer or adaptor. Maximum 1.125” between manifold and carb base.

1. Factory or aftermarket HEI permitted.
2. MSD 6AL ignition allowed. No “programmable” ignitions allowed.
3. No traction control or wheel speed devices allowed
4. No mags allowed.

1. Only round air filter element permitted.
2. Maximum size to be used is 16” X 4”.
3. No air boxes allowed. A front debris deflector is allowed up to 1/2” the circumference of the housing.
4. Bottom housing must mount directly to carburetor.

1. Headers allowed. Maximum $650 nationally advertised retail price (no Ebay, etc.).
2. Mufflers and exhaust must be used on all racecars that enter the racing surface. Exhaust system must be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gasses away from cockpit of vehicle and away from areas of possible fuel spillage. Mufflers are required with a 95 or less D.B.A. reading at 100.
3. Must not use wire or plumbers tape to secure muffler.

1. No plastic battery boxes are allowed.
2. Only one automotive battery per car allowed.
3. A master on/off switch must be located in driver cockpit and clearly labeled and within safe reach of Officials.

1. Gasoline only, no additives allowed.
2. Racing gasoline is permitted.
3. No Nitrous-Oxide of any kind allowed.

1. Only SA-2010 or better full face helmets will be allowed.
2. Driver fire suits are mandatory and must be kept clean and in good repair.
3. Long hair cannot be exposed (visible outside of helmets).
4. Racing gloves and shoes are mandatory.
5. HANS or HUTCHENS devices are mandatory; or other approved head/neck restraints.
6. A quick release seat belt and shoulder harness, no less than 3” wide is mandatory, as well as an anti-submarine (crotch) belt.
7. The belts must be attached to the cage with1/2” grade eight bolts and a 1/8” (or larger) safety cable installed as a backup.
8. Belts will need to be in a three year window of the date that it was manufactured.
9.Officials will inspect seatbelts and drivers will not race if they are not fastened correctly and securely.
10.Racing seats are mandatory. No fiberglass or plastic seats allowed.
11.Seats must be mounted with no less than 4-3/8” grade 8 bolts. A seat mounting loop is required. It must be attached to the roll cage. Minimum 1” outside diameter, .095 wall.
12.A quick release metal coupling on steering wheel is mandatory.
13.Radio communications are required.
14.Window nets must be securely fastened and have a tight fit with the quick release facing the driver. (No fine mesh window nets allowed).
15.Absolutely no open toed shoes allowed.
16.Transponders must be mounted a minimum 10” behind the rear axle housing on right side only.

1. A minimum of a one pound fire extinguisher is required in all cars.
2. Fire extinguisher must be mounted securely and have a quick release latch within the driver’s reach.
3. Fire extinguisher system must be mounted in an approved mounting rack.

1. A 22 gauge can racing fuel cell is mandatory.
2. The fuel cell must be no more than 22 gallons and mounted no lower than 10” from the ground.
3. Must have a 1” X 1” X 0.095 cage mounted to frame.
4. A rollover check valve or coiled tubing must be mounted to the gas tank air vent at its highest point.
5. Fuel line in cockpit area bust be in the following material:
a. Stainless steel braided racing hose.
b. High flow aluminum fuel lines.
c. Fiber braid reinforced synthetic rubber liner,
6. Fuel shut-off valve mandatory within side of driver cockpit. Oberg valve is allowed.
7. Ground strap on fuel tank required.

1. To insure the proper scoring, contrasting block numbers with a minimum 1-1/4.” borders are required.
2. Numbers must be painted on both doors (minimum 16”) and roof (facing right side; 24”) and must measure 5” wide. If letters are used, they must measure at least 6” in height. If circles are used, they must measure a minimum of 1-1/4” wide (circle thickness) and must circle completely around numbers, not through it.

Code of Conduct is defined as all teams and their associates will promote sportsmanship. Violations may be viewed as, but are not limited to, verbal representation, written representation, electronic representation, social media and/or any representation that may represent the Stockton 99 Speedway, the Stockton Dirt Track, the Noceti Group and/or Motorsports in general and/or any affiliates. We do our best to present S99, SDT, NGI and its teams in the best light possible. We expect our teams to do the same. Fines and/or suspension can and will be imposed.  WHAT YOU SAY HAS WEIGHT, WHAT YOU TYPE HAS MEANING, WHAT YOU DO HAS CONSEQUENCES.

All Late Model drivers must have spotter in designated area.
1. Drivers are responsible for tire removal. Tires and/or fluids must be removed from the speedway by the competitors. Purse/Payout may be delayed until disposal issues are resolved.
2. Competitors will come to the scale/pre-grid area in race position order. Positions will be posted at the Pit Shack and it is the sole responsibility of the driver and/or driver’s crew to know the proper order for pre-grid. If a competitor is not found to be in her/his correct order, that competitor can be sent to the back of the starting order at the discretion of the Chief Steward.
3. If a competitor has a mechanical failure and cannot comply with Rule #2 if the General Rules section, competitor must notify the Official at the Pit Shack immediately.
4. When entering tech lane, no lifting, no jacks, no adjusting allowed. Failure to do so could result in losing qualifying or starting position at the discretion of Track Officials.
5. Cars failing to meet weight requirements will be sent to the back of main event, heat races, and/or trophy dashes, all at the discretion of Track Officials.
6. Any infraction not meeting Stockton 99 Speedway Track rules and regulations may have a 50lb. penalty for each infraction.
7. If not repaired by next week or race, they have penalties of an additional 50 lbs. per each infraction not repaired.

All division drivers and pit crew will be required to have a Stockton 99 License to compete.
• 2021 Competitors License $100 each
• 2021 Pit Crew License $60 each
• Pit Fees for all events: Licensed Members $40, Non-Members $50 Special Events may have special pit fees. ex. 4th of July event.

All post-race inspection is at the discretion of the Track Officials and may include impoundment of the car for further inspection. Refusal to leave racecar in impoundment will result in a disqualification and forfeiture of all points, monetary awards, and trophies. Additionally, there will be no refunds for the event/evening.

Any car, or driver, may be protested by a car owner or driver in your class on that evening’s event. Protest must be specific in nature of part(s) to be checked with a maximum of 3 visual per protest. Protest shall accompany a written protest, $750, cash only, and a 2021 Stockton 99 license. Fee may be higher subject to severity of issue(s). To be determined by the Chief Steward, the sole discretion of the Chief Steward. Any entire engine subject to protest will accompany $2500, cash
only, and a Stockton 99 license. Car will be impounded by the Track Chief Steward and brought before the approved engine builder (to be determined solely by the Chief Steward) within 72 hours, with the outcome to be made public prior to the next scheduled race. Engine protests requirements are as follows:

A. Protesting driver must finish the main event, on the lead lap.
B. Protesting driver must be in the top ten in points.
C. Protest must be deemed a legal protest.
D. Protest must be made in writing within 5 minutes of the checkered flag of the prospective division that the protest is a direct result of.

Weight may be added at a Track Chief Steward’s discretion to ensure equal/fair competition.

Drivers are responsible for all owner/crew/visitors in their pit area. Any fights/fighting will result in suspensions, loss of points, loss of any monetary awards for the night’s event, and fines.

The New Stockton 99 Speedway reserves the right to change these rules, regulations and/or penalties at any time, without notice. These rules, regulations and/or penalties are subject to revision and/or amendment as needed in addition to the interpretations of the Track Officials.