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2017 Stockton Mini Cups Rules

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2017 Rules will be in affect with additional rules mandated by Stockton 99.
The addendums to these rules can be seen below.


Stockton 99 addendums

1. All mini cup cars must use sealed motors (Motor TBA)
2. All mini cup cars will be subject to scaling
3. all mini cup cars must use track fuel
4. Arm restraints mandatory

Mini Cup optional shocks
QA1 Shock option
Part#8251 front or rear
Part#8254 front only
Any 400 lbs spring Front
Any 140 lbs spring Rear tested same as MMRA Rules
This package is a rebuildable shock equal to the Carrera option

All Mini Cup Shocks will have a $200.00 claim rule on each shock.
Claim  MUST be made in writing within 5 minutes after the
Checkered flag. MUST explain which shock or shocks claiming, MUST
Pay in cash

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