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2017 Little 99 Racing Classes
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  Go Kart Classes

Kid Kart 1   5-7 Evinco Blue
Kid Kart 2 (50cc) 150lbs 5-7 Evinco Blue
Womens Four Stroke 400lbs* 11-up Evinco Blue
Lo206 Jr 1 (blue slide) 240lbs 8-12 Evinco Blue
Mini Swift 245lbs 8-13 Evinco Blue
Lo206 Jr 2 310lbs 12-15 Evinco Blue
Lo206 Sr
16 & up
Evinco Blue
Lo206 Heavy 400lbs
16 & up
Evinco Blue
Box Stock Clone Jr 1 240lbs 8-12 Evinco Blue
Box Stock Clone Jr 2 310lbs 12-15 Evinco Blue
Box Stock Clone Sr 360lbs 16 & up Evinco Blue
Box Stock Clone Heavy 400lbs** 15 & up Evinco Blue
Formula 80 Senior 375lbs 16 & up Evinco Red
125 Stock 385lbs 16 & up

Evinco Red/Blue

Open Class (non trophy race) 360lbs 16 & up Evinco Blue
World Formula 390lbs 16 & up Evinco Blue

*400lbs or 360lbs w/blue shield or restrictor plate
**400lbs small pipe or 460lbs big pipe

Race Structure- 3 or more karts to form a trophy race. 18 or more karts per class for a paid finish.

-Lo206 Classes will follow Briggs & Straton Factory rules

-Box Stock Clone Classes will follow AKRA rules

-All other classes will follow WKA rules

-All Tag classes will follow SKUSA rules

Any racer found (DQ'd) to be blatantly cheating will loose their points for that race and loose their throw away race for the season.

Sunday Races
- Gates will open at 8am. Practice will start at 10am.

Friday OR Night Races
- Gates will be open for racers at 4pm. Practice will start at 6pm

Race Entries (race fees include transponders)
-Non Members $55
-Members $45
-Jr Members $35
-Kid Kart $45
-Kid Kart Members $35

- $10 per person
- Children 10 & under Free


Supermoto Classes

Minimoto Beginner
Bikes allowed: Cag, Blata, Polini and GRC. Pocket bikes, 37cc stock motor with restriction plates

Minimoto Pro
Cag, Blata, Polini and GRC Pocket bikes, 37cc non restricted (10yrs old up)

Mini Thunder
Bikes allowed: CRF50 and TTR50 only. No engine mods or knobby tires allowed.

Spec 50
Bikes allowed: Honda NSR50, everything must remain stock*, Yamaha YSR50, aftermarket carbs & exhaust are allowed. May also run 12” wheels.

Formula 5
Bikes allowed: GP & Motard frames, max displacement of 63.9cc (2 Stroke) & 128cc (air cooled 4 Stroke). Engine mods are allowed.

Thunderbike Unlimited - ages 14 & up
Bikes allowed: 150cc to 230cc Max displacement

65 GP
Bikes allowed: GP or Motard frames, max displacement of 65cc (2 Stroke) & 150cc (air cooled 4 Stroke)

65 GP Heavy Weight
This class has the same restrictions as the 65GP class but for the big boys. Bikes must conform to the 65GP class specs however the rider must weigh more than 175lbs without gear.

Bike allowed: Must be a Honda Grom or Kayo MR with stock bore, head, cylinder, fork tubes and frame. No forced induction allowed. ECU plug ins (I.E. Power Commander and similar products) are allowed, however ECU must remain stock.

85/150 only
This class has the same rules as the 85/150 class, however no smaller displacement bikes allowed.
Bikes allowed: GP & Motard frame, displacement cannot be below or above 85cc (2 Stroke) & 150cc (4 Stroke).

Thunder Bike (spec class)
Bikes allowed: XR100, TTR125 and CRF 150F. XR’s can swap the front wheel only to a 16”, Only control mods are allowed (pegs, rear sets, handle bars, ect.).
*Suspension springs may be replaced but the internals must remain stock. Controls such as pegs, rear sets, throttle tubes, ect. May also be changed. Bodywork and gearing may also be changed.

Formula Moto
Bikes Allowed: GP Chasis Only, Metrikit 80(2 stroke), Rs125 chassis (85cc 2 stroke) and Morowaki 250 (four stroke) Unrestricted class

Moped 75cc Modified Class.

Thunder Bike Unlimited Ages 14 & up, 150/230cc

-No license required.
-You will receive a paper to be filled out of what bike and class you will be racing in.(if not sure feel free to ask for me or Teresa and we will be happy to help you)
-You will receive a transponder(for timing) to be fitted on your bike.
-Along with your Class Registration, you will be signing a insurance waiver.
-We ask everyone to have registration done and have your bike taken to tech before 9 o'clock practice starts.
-We are looking for catch cans, peg/bar sliders.
-ALL riders must be able to hold their bike & pick their bike up on their own.



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