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All parts with identification numbers removed or covered will be considered
illegal. It is ultimately the obligation of each participant to insure that his or her
conduct and equipment comply with all applicable The New Stockton 99 Speedway rules and regulations. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others.

Track Officials interpretation shall supersede any and all other interpretations.
When there is no specific rule to govern the occasion, the official?s ruling shall be
final. In order to assure fair competition, any official may require a competitor to
change or modify equipment, or may require a competitor to compete in the next
higher division. All equipment is subject to the approval of track officials. The
rules as set forth on the following pages are intended to be as cost effective as
possible. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of
having passed through inspection. Any equipment which does not conform to the
specifications or tolerances contained in The New Stockton 99 Speedway
rulebook will not be eligible for approval during the 2021 season. All cars may be
weight factored at anytime to equalize the competition.

You must be 14 years old. All drivers, owners and mechanics must be registered members of Stockton 99 Speedway and in good standing. The charger or learners permit license is the appropriate license for this division.

1. Pre-2010 models of American-made steel bodied passenger sedans.
2. No high performance models allowed. (i.e. Corvettes, etc.)
3. Trucks, Station Wagons, Rancheros, and El Camino's are allowed.
4. No Convertibles, Jeeps, or 4x4's are allowed. Front wheel drives are allowed.
5. Minimum wheel base is 108". "Pony cars" allowed.

1. If it is stock without any alterations and came under the hood of the car, it is legal unless otherwise noted.
2. No racing components of any kind are allowed.
3. No exhaust pipe any larger than 2-1/2" before muffler, and must be turned down after muffler.
4. Mufflers and tailpipes are mandatory.
5. Exhaust must meet the maximum 85 D.B.A. rule.
6. No anti-freeze or coolants allowed.
7. The New Stockton 99 Speedway reserves the right to lower the decibel requirement at any time.
8. Maximum 16 inches of vacuum at 1000 rpm.
9. Maximum .500 inches cam lift measured at the valve.
10. K&N filter allowed. Maximum filter size 17" x 4", round.
11. After market air filter housing allowed. Top and bottom must be metal and same size as filter.
12. No fuel injection, turbo chargers, super chargers, or performance carburetors.
13. You must run stock out of box carburetor, 4412 with 1" spacer, removal of choke plate and shaft only, no cutting of airhorn. No HP series 4412 allowed.
14. No aftermarket ignition allowed.
15. No vortec engines allowed.
16. 602 allowed stock only. Must have factory seals and track seals. Must run stock 4412 out of box.
17. Absolutely NO 4-Barrel Carburetors allowed, period.
18. Carburetor location will remain in the stock position. If fabricated in another position, it is illegal.

1. Only one radiator mounted in stock position.
2. A simple 1-3/4" OD loop may be built in front of radiator for protection not to
extend above radiator or beyond bumper.

1. Any stock OEM transmission
2. Must run torque converter
3. Must have working reverse. NO Couplers.
4. Must have stock oil pan on transmission.

1. Must be complete and stock, including all sheet metal.
2. Cars must be neat appearing and must be painted.
3. Rear inner fender panels must be left intact, front optional.
4. Inner door panels may be removed for door bars.
5. Remove all chrome and plastic exterior body parts.
6. Doors must be chained, bolted or welded closed.
7. Fenders maybe cut up to three-inches for tire clearance.
8. Cars must remain stock appearing.
9. Aftermarket nose and tail pieces allowed. Different models may be interchanged.
10. Aftermarket bodies are TBD, upon inspection.

1. Removal of all glass and plastic is mandatory, including, but not limited to, headlights, directional signals light bulbs, and exterior mirrors.
2. Windshields may be left in or removed. If left in, windshields must be strapped in each corner with two straps in the middle, inside the car. If removed, it must be replaced with screen mesh (half inch maximum) or Lexan covering the entire opening. One mirror (8" x 4") maximum is allowed.

1. No reinforcement of bumpers allowed; they must be chained or cabled to avoid loss on racetrack.
2. Bumper chains/cables must be at least 1/4" in diameter.
3. Bumper ends must be bolted to the body to prevent hooking with another car.

1. All suspension components must remain stock. No cutting, welding or modifying. Aftermarket steel tubular upper controls arms allowed.
2. No racing springs. Stock spring may be cut or heated. No spacer plates on leaf springs, however, uneven amounts of leaf springs may be installed; leaf springs shall be bolted together and U-bolted to the rear end housing.
3. Minimum 5" ground clearance.
4. Brakes must be stock. May upgrade front brakes to disc. Must be OEM stock single piston. No aftermarket allowed. Must be standard equipment for year, make and model.
5. Frames must be completely stock. No alterations of any kind.
6. Stock steel wheels not exceeding 8" are to be used. 7/16 or larger wheel studs mandatory.
7. No bump stops are allowed.
8. ONLY Hoosier 970 tires allowed.
9. NO aftermarket sway bars OEM only. Sub frame connectors allowed.
10. All competing cars will not exceed 79" track width. This will be measured at spindle height form the bulge of outside tires.
11. $100 claim per shock.
12. Ford 9" rear end allowed. Rear disc brakes allowed, steel brake caliper only, NO Detroit lockers. Mini spool or spider gears are allowed.

1. All cars must weigh 3200 pounds at all times including fuel, driver and/or optional passenger. "Pony style" cars, must weigh 3200 lbs minimum. All cars must have maximum 54% left side weight.
2. Any weight added to car shall be located behind rear axle in package area, and not to extend below frame. Bolted securely with minimum 1/2 inch bolts and painted white with car number and must be lead or steel only. Weight to be added will be at the officials discretion and supplied by the driver or owner of the vehicle.
3. All weight must be mounted above frame rail in compartments.
4. All bombers without a passenger will add 100lbs where passenger seat is normally mounted. Total weight still 3200 pounds.

1. A six point roll cage is mandatory with front and rear halo 8 point recommended.
2. Uni-bodies must have minimum 6" x 6" x 1/4" plate on top and bottom of floor with a minimum of four 1/2" size bolts.
3. Round steel tubing 1-3/4" x 0.095" minimum shall be used for the roll cage (no galvanized pipe).
4. Roll bars in driver's area must be padded.
5. Four door bars required on both sides. 24" x 36" x 1/8" thick plate bolted or welded to the outside of the door bars.
6. You may have two bars extending from roll cage to frame horn.
7. Aluminum race seats are mandatory.
8. Seats must be mounted with no less than (4) 3/8" grade 8 bolts. A seat mount loop is required. It must be attached to the role cage, minimum 1" outside diameter and .095" wall tubing. Subject to tech approval.
9. No fiberglass or plastic seats are allowed.
10. A five point harness is mandatory.
11. Belts cannot exceed 3 years from date of manufacture.
12. All belts must be securely fastened to the frame or the cage with 1/2" grade 8 bolts.
13. Bolts may not be inserted through webbing for mounting.
14. An approved window net is mandatory on both the driver and passenger sides.
15. Only Stockton 99 approved full face helmets will be allowed, SA-2010 or better.
16. No "M" type helmets.
17. Neck brace and gloves are mandatory. (HANS, HUTCHENS OR EQUIVALENT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).
18. Fire suits are mandatory for both driver and passenger and must be kept clean and in good repair.
19. All cars must have an approved operational fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver or passenger.
20. Steering Column may be replaced with steering shaft and heims, mandatory 3" collapsible section.
21. A quick release metal coupling on steering wheel is mandatory.
22. Absolutely no open toed shoes allowed.
23. Radios allowed.
24. Transponder must be mounted a minimum of 10" behind the rear axle housing.

1. Gasoline only, no additives allowed.
2. Racing gasoline is permitted.

1. A fuel cell container made of 22 gauge steel must be fastened to the trunk floor.
2. Fuel cell and container must be installed as far forward as possible in trunk and be no larger than 22 gal.
3. Metal strapping-minimum of four straps (two each way) is required. Minimum of 1" wide x 1/8" thick strapping required, NO PLUMBERS TAPE. Must have minimum 2"x 2" plate or washer under floor boards for fuel tank straps.
4. Coil vent must be placed through trunk floor.
5. Fuel cell filler neck must be grounded to the car.
6. One rear hoop to protect fuel cell recommended.
7. A fire wall of steel not less than 22 gauge thickness must be located between the trunk and the driver/passenger.
8. A labeled shut off valve or Oberg valve is mandatory located in the cockpit.
9. Vent hose check valve mandatory.
10. Ground strap on fuel cell mandatory.

1. The battery must be moved into the passenger compartment, securely fastened/ strapped in place and must be wrapped in rubber to prevent acid spillage. Must be mounted behind driver's seat.
2. No boat/plastic boxes.
3. A labeled master ON/OFF switch must be located in driver cockpit. The switch must be wired to the battery cable in a manner that would cut off all electrical power to the car.

1. To insure the proper scoring, contrasting block numbers with a minimum 1-1/4" borders are required.
2. Numbers must be painted on both doors (minimum 16-in.) and top (facing right side/ 24-in.) and must measure five-inches wide. If letters are used, they must measure at least six-inches high. If circles are used, they must measure a minimum of one and one-quarter inches wide (circle thickness) and must circle completely around the number, not through it.
3. Cars must also have a six-inch high number on the left taillight area.

Code of Conduct is defined as all teams and their associates will promote sportsmanship. Violations may be viewed as, but are not limited to, verbal representation, written representation, electronic representation, social media and/or any representation that may represent the Stockton 99 Speedway, the Stockton Dirt Track, the Noceti Group and/or Motorsports in general and/or any affiliates. We do our best to present S99, SDT, NGI and its teams in the best light possible. We expect our teams to do the same. Fines and/or suspension can and will be imposed.  WHAT YOU SAY HAS WEIGHT, WHAT YOU TYPE HAS MEANING, WHAT YOU DO HAS CONSEQUENCES.

1. All drivers are in vehicle when qualifying, during heat races and main events, passengers are optional.
2. Drivers are responsible for tire removal. Tires and/or fluids must be removed from the speedway by the competitors. Purse/Payout may be delayed until disposal issues are resolved.
3. Competitors will come to the scale/pre-grid area in order. Positions will be posted at the pit shack and it the sole responsibility of the driver and or driver's crew to know the proper order for pre-grid. If a competitor is not found to be in his/her correct order, that competitor can be sent to the back of the starting order at the discretion of the chief steward.
4. If a competitor has a mechanical failure and cannot comply with rule #2 of the General Rules section, competitor must notify the official at the pit shack immediately.
5. When entering tech lane, no lifting, no jacks, no adjusting allowed. Failure to do so could result in losing qualifying or starting position at the discretion of track officials.
6. Cars failing to meet height or weight requirements will be sent to the back of main event, heat races, and/or trophy dashes, all to the discretion of track officials.

Note: Dirt Track Only - Rear ends are allowed to be locked at dirt track only

All division drivers and pit crew will be required to have a Stockton 99 License to compete.
- 2021 Competitors License $100 each
- 2021 Pit Crew License $60 each
- Pit Fees for events: Licensed Members $40, Non-Members $50, Special Events may have special pit fees. ex. 4th of July event.

All post race inspection is at the discretion of the official(s) and may include
impoundment of the car for further inspection at the discretion of the official(s). Refusal to leave the car in impoundment will result in a disqualification and forfeiture of all points, monetary awards, and trophies. Additionally, there will be no refunds for the evening.

Any car, or driver, may be protested by a car owner or driver in your class on that
evening's event. Protest must be specific in nature of part(s) to be checked with a
maximum of 3 visual per protest. Protest shall accompany a written protest, $750, cash only, and a 2021 Stockton 99 license. Fee nay be higher subject to severity of issue(s). To be determined by the Chief Steward, the sole discretion of the Chief Steward. Any entire engine subject to protest will accompany $2500, cash only, and a Stockton 99 license. Car will be impounded by the Track Chief Steward and brought before the approved engine builder (to be determined solely by the Chief Steward) within 72 hours, with the outcome to be made public prior to the next scheduled race. Engine protests requirements are as follows:

A. Protesting driver must finish the main event, on the lead lap.
B. Protesting driver must be in the top ten in points.
C. Protest must be deemed a legal protest.
D. Protest must be made in writing within 5 minutes of the checkered flag of the
prospective division that the protest is a direct result of.

Weight may be added at a Track Chief Steward's discretion to ensure equal/fair competition.

Drivers are responsible for all owner/crew/visitors in their pit area. Any
fights/fighting will result in suspensions, loss of points, loss of any monetary
awards for the night's event, and fines.

The New Stockton 99 Speedway reserves the right to change these rules and regulations at any time, without notice. These rules and regulations are subject to revision and/or amendment as needed in addition to the interpretations of the Track Officials.