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2017 Outlaw Drift Series Rules
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No cage needed.

Seats mounted properly (aftermarket seats must have harnesss and harness bar.
Stock seats and stock seat belts, no mixing the two.)

Snell 2005 helmet or newer (NO dot helmets allowed)

All lug nuts, no leaks and battery tie down mounted properly (no tie-straps or zip-ties)

Outlaw drift is a beginners/advanced drift series and is not associated with any pro am or
formula drift series. We are here to help drivers meet their goals as a driver and give
everyone a safe place to drive your cars to their fullest potential.

Any tires left in the pits after the event, driver will be subject to a $50 fine
for each tire left at the event. So please take home your burnt tires.

Any questions can be directed to Robert Pascua 209-594-9477 or
Andrew Maglaya / Eugene Feygelman

Please this is a NO Drama Environment and if you start problems or dislike the program
we are running, you are more than welcome to not attend. Problem starters will be banned,
as this is built to have fun with your friends and competitions are meant to be an enjoyable, learning experience. Number one rule is to have fun while gaining knowledge in the
sport of drifting.

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