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Rules Released for Star Grand American Modifieds at Stockton 99 Speedway

1/27/12 - By Star Racing Supply

SACRAMENTO, California — The response from racers interested in racing the Star Grand American Modified series at Stockton 99 Speedway has been very strong. Dozens of racers, local and across the state, have called Star Racing Supply to get the scoop on the series. The bonus money and opportunity to be competitive with older cars has created a buzz, with the big question, “what are the rules?”

Star Racing Supply owner, Ron Sutton stated, “We wanted to sponsor the Modifieds two ways, to help the class grow and prosper. Stockton 99 already had a solid car count of Modifieds in 2011, averaging 14.6 cars a race, which is great in this economy. Since all the Modifieds run together as one class, and the Star Grand American Modified series is essentially an unofficial series within the NASCAR Modified series, our first priority was the Star Racing Supply sponsoring the Modified class in a big way for 2012 and the Noceti family elevating it to the feature NASCAR division. The year end purse is growing 500% to $10,000 and by running 20 races in 12 nights … we expect more racers to run the Modified class and hope more racers will choose Stockton 99 as their home track.”

Ron added, “Our next concern was the lower budget Modified racer. There are three specific situations that have reduced how many lower budget Mods actually race. First, there are many racers currently running with older cars and smaller, less expensive engines. They are at a disadvantage, making it hard to compete for wins or top finishes, which can be frustrating. Second, some of these racers only run a partial season due to money being tight. Lastly, there are dozens of racers in Northern California with a 5-10 year old Modified race car sitting in their garage, not racing, because they felt their older car can’t compete.”

Ron added, “We don’t believe the Star Grand American Modified series will be magic. But we do believe it helps a lot of these racers to get back racing, or race more, have fun, compete for wins and top finishes in the class and make some bonus money in the process.”

Star Racing Supply is paying $5,060 in bonus prize money directly to racers with older cars and smaller, less expensive engines running in the Modified series in 2012 at Stockton 99 Speedway. The new Star Grand American Modified Series is not a separate NASCAR series, but rather an unofficial series within the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Modified class at Stockton. It provides racers with engines 385” or smaller & no roller cams, or a 604 crate engine, and no super trick newer raised clip chassis an additional points series, additional payouts and press coverage … over and above what they’re already getting.

“We expected this program to help keep 3-4 of the current racers with older cars and less expensive engines to continue racing … help a few racers run more racers with the bonus money … and attract 2-3 additional racers to join in,” stated Sutton. “But the response from the racers has been awesome. We have talked to over 30 racers that have shown interest. Some already running, and of course some won’t follow through. So I can’t imagine we’ll see 30 extra cars show up. But it looks positive we’ll see 5 to 8 more cars run the series, and that exceeds the goal.”

Stockton 99 Speedway will feature 20 Modified races over 12 race dates. Eight of the 12 race dates will feature twin 40 lap main events and four race dates will feature 60 lap main events. Three of the 60 lap races will form a special Tri-Holiday Classic Championship series dating May 26th, June 30th and September 1st, with the fourth 60 lap event in conjunction with NASCAR K&N West race on May 5th.

Every Star GAM racer scores points and prize money in the regular Modified series, plus points in the Star Grand American Modified Series. A champion and runner-up will be crowned at the year-end awards banquet, as well as bonus money being paid directly from Star Racing Supply to the top three Star GAM finishers at every race, as follows:

Winner (Top Star GAM) $200 for Singles events or $100 for Twin events

Runner Up (2nd best Star GAM) $150 for Single events or $75 for Twin events

Third Place (3rd best Star GAM) $75 for Single events or $35 for Twin events

Stockton 99 will recognize the bonus series with a separate Trophy Dash at each event, posting of race results, points & year-end champion on Stockton 99 website, as the Star Grand American Modifieds.

"I can't thank Carol & Tony Noceti enough for letting us do this program at Stockton 99 Speedway. We all feel the extra money and more exposure will benefit these racers," said Star store manager, Susan Kinnicutt.

The rules & requirements are simple. Because this is an unofficial class within a class, all the regular 2012 rules for Modifieds at Stockton 99 Speedway apply, and no rules for the Star GAM series can circumvent, or over ride, the regular rules. These Star GAM rules are ONLY for eligibility of Star GAM series points, bonus money, recognition in press releases and year award recognition awards.

1. Engine maximum size is 385.00 cubic inches, as checked with a P&G Engine Testing Gauge. Margin of error allowable is 2.00 cubic inches, meaning any engine that tests 387.00” or less is legal and 387.01” or more is illegal. No roller cam or lifters. All other Stockton 99 Modified engine rules apply.

2. A 602 or 604 GM Crate engine is also legal. All Stockton 99 Modified crate engine rules apply.

3. Chassis must be 2007 or older, as determined by Star GAM Offical, and front clip can not be raised more than 1 ¼”. With a straight edge on the bottom of the main frame rails, the distance to the lowest part of the factory clip dog leg, and the lowest part of the factory clip front cross member, can be no greater than 1.250”. Anything less is legal. Anything more is not legal to qualify for the Star GAM series.

4. Racer must display the official 3”x10” Star GAM series decal on both sides of race car in clearly visible location.


a. The top finishing Star GAM racer(s) reports to tech immediately after main event races, along with top finishing NASCAR Modified racers, to participate in the same tech as determined by the officials of Stockton 99 Speedway.

b. An additional tech official will be brought in for a minimum of half the events to do surprise tech inspections to measure engine cubic inches with a P&G Engine Testing Gauge and check for roller cam or lifters.

c. If a racer is deemed illegal, or not eligible, for the Star GAM series, this will have no effect on racer’s points, purse money and finishing position in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Modified class, unless Stockton 99 Speedway officials determine racer has violated Stockton 99 Modified rules.

d. If a racer is found to have violated Stockton 99 Modified rules, racer will be disqualified from Star GAM points and prize money for that event only.

e. WARNING: Any engine that exceeds the maximum allowable cubic inch displacement or that is using a roller cam or lifters during qualifying or races … or any racer refusing Star GAM tech … will result in disqualification from Star GAM series points, bonus money, recognition in press releases and year award awards, from that event through the end of the season.

2012 Star Grand American Modified Schedule at Stockton 99 Speedway

April 7th - Twin 40s

April 14th - Twin 40s

April 28th - Twin 40s

May 5th w/K&N - 60 laps

May 26th Tri Holiday Race #1 - 60 laps

June 9th - Twin 40s w/SRL

June 16th - Twin 40s

June 30th Tri Holiday Race #2 - 60 laps

July 21st - Twin 40s

August 4th - Twin 40s

September 1st Tri Holiday Classic Race #3 - 60 laps

September 15th - Twin 40s

For More information on Stockton 99 Speedway rules, or the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Modifieds Presented by Star Racing Supply, visit website or call (209) 466-9999.

For more information on the Star Grand American Modified Series contact Ron Sutton direct at (916) 834-8051. For Star Racing Supply, call (916) 914-1284 or visit their racer's store located 8581 Younger Creek Drive, Sacramento, CA 95828.

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